Offering prayers have a lot of benefits and not just for this world but for the hereafter as well. But, we should all keep in mind that it is important to offer the prayers on time which is why we are sharing with you the accurate Calgary prayer times. Calgary is a city in Canada and lately, a lot of people had been complaining about the fact that since it is a Non-Muslim country the residents face the difficulty of missing out on the precise prayer time. This happens during the day as people are busy in their activities and there is hardly any provision of call for prayer throughout the day, unlike the Muslim countries.

Accuracy of Islamic Prayer Times Calgary, Canada

Islam is not at all a rigid religion, however, despite giving ease and some provisions to the believers there are some orders which are divinely ordained and have to be followed by all Muslims in a uniform fashion. Offering prayers five times a day and that too on time is very important when it comes to orders from Allah himself. Calgary prayer times are simple to follow but the idea is that one should know the precise ones. There are many misleading websites and sources available for all kinds of Canadian prayer times but we, on the other hand, give you the most verified Islamic prayer times so that no matter which part of Canada you reside in, you are easily able to offer your prayers on the due time. You could set alarms on your devices after verifications from our article/website so that there is no confusion that remains.

If you have recently moved to Calgary and are confused about the Calgary prayers times, we have a happy news for that as the confusion will no longer stay. Not only will you be getting the accurate Muslim prayer times but additional information on Islam and offering your prayers for time will be given to you. There are millions of benefits of offering prayers on time and on a regular basis which is why we care for each one of the residents of Calgary so that they can easily perform all their religious rituals on time.

There are many Muslims who live in Calgary and face the same problem of not being able to offer the five times of prayers every day. With every day and changing season, the prayer times differ so one cannot really stay praying on the same timings every day. This means that getting to know about accurate Calgary prayer times is very important for each one of us. After verification from our sources, the message can be sent to other relatives and friends living nearby so that they can also be helped regarding the prayer timings in the region.

There are countless blessings of offering prayers on time and we should all try our level best to try and offer these prayers on time so that Allah is happy with each one of us and we can get the bliss out of our good deeds.

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Islamic Prayer Timing Calculation

Standard Time Zone: UTC/GMT -7 hours
Country: Canada
City: Toronto

Geographic Coordinates Of Toronto City, Canada 
Latitude: 51.0486° N
Longitude: 114.0708° W

Time Difference

Standard time zone: UTC/GMT -7 hours
Daylight Saving Time (DST): +1 hour
DST Between: 11th March to 4th November
Time zone abbreviation: EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)

Monthly Calgary Prayer Times 2019

calgary prayer times

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Time Format:

Asr Methods

Standard: Shafii, Maliki, Jafari and Hanbali (shadow factor = 1)

Hanafi: Hanafi school of tought (shadow factor = 2)

Qiblah Direction

Qiblah direction of Calgary, Canada, is 25° from North towards East.