Do you want to know some details about the Toronto Ramadan calendar 2018? Well if yes then you have all reached at the right destination because through this website we will be having a detail discussion about the Ramadan calendar of Toronto place. We all know that Ramadan is just about a few days away and all the international residing Muslims are facing great sum of trouble to learn that how they would be able to know the exact timings of the Sehri and Iftar in Ramadan. But when this website is all here for you then why to have any kind of worry!

Importance of Ramadan For Muslims:

The importance of Ramadan can only be understood by the Muslims. It is the Holy month of Islam that arrives just once in a year. This year in 2018 it has been expected that Ramadan will be arriving in the month of May during the 3rd week. In the month of Ramadan, Muslims have to carry out with the fast in which they have to keep them all away from the foods and drinks from the sunrise till the sunset. Many Muslims even perform the Umrah in this month after which Eid ul-Fitr is celebrated by the Muslims with great zeal and zest. This is the month for which the Muslims wait around for the whole year to welcome it. It gives the Muslims with the chance to make them move closer to their God and make their relation stronger.

All About Toronto Ramadan Calendar 2018:

Now without wasting any time let's move to the Toronto Ramadan Calendar 2018 details! For the Muslims who are residing in the place of Toronto, Canada they are free to visit this website in order to catch some details about the Iftar and Sehri of Ramadan month. Mostly it does happen that Muslims who are living in the international countries they do find the issues in which they are not able to learn about the prayer timings as well as Ramadan schedule. By signing into this website all the Toronto Muslims can get the complete knowledge about the Ramadan month. As soon as the Ramadan 2018 exact date will be announced then we will be updating the website instantly for the easiness of the Muslims of Toronto.

Plus the readers are even free to visit this website if they want to catch some details about the Toronto prayer timings schedule of the Toronto country. In simple, we would say that through this website we will be updating latest information about the Ramadan month for the readers.

So this was the complete review behind the Toronto Ramadan Calendar details! Without wasting any time just tuned yourself with this website because very soon the exact date for the arrival of the Ramadan 2018 is about to be announced. We will be updating the website as soon as some date will be declared! Check out the website now!

toronto ramadan calendar

Ramadan Date Day Sehr Time Iftar Time
1st 16-May-2018 Wed 4:14 AM 8:37 PM
2nd 17-May-2018 Thu 4:13 AM 8:38 PM
3rd 18-May-2018 Fri 4:11 AM 8:39 PM
4th 19-May-2018 Sat 4:10 AM 8:40 PM
5th 20-May-2018 Sun 4:08 AM 8:41 PM
6th 21-May-2018 Mon 4:07 AM 8:42 PM
7th 22-May-2018 Tue 4:05 AM 8:43 PM
8th 23-May-2018 Wed 4:04 AM 8:44 PM
9th 24-May-2018 Thu 4:03 AM 8:45 PM
10th 25-May-2018 Fri 4:02 AM 8:46 PM
11th 26-May-2018 Sat 4:00 AM 8:47 PM
12th 27-May-2018 Sun 3:59 AM 8:48 PM
13th 28-May-2018 Mon 3:58 AM 8:49 PM
14th 29-May-2018 Tue 3:57 AM 8:50 PM
15th 30-May-2018 Wed 3:56 AM 8:51 PM
16th 31-May-2018 Thu 3:55 AM 8:52 PM

17th 1-Jun-2018 Fri 3:54 AM 8:52 PM
18th 2-Jun-2018 Sat 3:53 AM 8:53 PM
19th 3-Jun-2018 Sun 3:52 AM 8:54 PM
20th 4-Jun-2018 Mon 3:51 AM 8:55 PM
21st 5-Jun-2018 Tue 3:50 AM 8:55 PM
22nd 6-Jun-2018 Wed 3:50 AM 8:56 PM
23rd 7-Jun-2018 Thu 3:49 AM 8:57 PM
24th 8-Jun-2018 Fri 3:49 AM 8:58 PM
25th 9-Jun-2018 Sat 3:48 AM 8:58 PM
26th 10-Jun-2018 Sun 3:47 AM 8:59 PM
27th 11-Jun-2018 Mon 3:47 AM 8:59 PM
28th 12-Jun-2018 Tue 3:47 AM 9:00 PM
29th 13-Jun-2018 Wed 3:46 AM 9:00 PM
30th 14-Jun-2018 Thu 3:46 AM 9:01 PM